• Delete your browsing history
  • Delete your chat records
  • Replace your browsing history
  • Delete your login credentials
  • Future real-time protection


How much of your private information is exposed?

Let’s face it, the web is quickly moving to complete cross-platform support. To do this, software developers are leveraging the power of your browser and HTML5. This is great because we don’t have worry about which type of device we’re using anymore. Unfortunately, in order for everything to work smoothly, we rely on our internet browser and the data it stores. This can raise issues regarding the privacy of information your browser collects and uses.


To get a handle on your privacy, you can manually go into your cache, history, cookies, etc. and make changes one-by-one, but this is tedious and time consuming. What you really need is some software that does the work for you! That is where Shield Apps’ PC Privacy Shield comes into play. Using software like PC Privacy Shield is an important component in an overall strategy to protect your privacy and help stop identity theft.


Here’s Why PC Privacy Shield Works So Well.

Your browser stores your history... In order to make it easy for your browser to know where you want to go on the web, it keeps track of where you’ve been. This is handy enough, but that browsing history is anything but secure. Ideally you should purge it regularly, and that is just one of the areas PC Privacy Shield can help with.

What if you could load false history information into your PC? A clean history is a sure sign of a purged history. PC Privacy Shield can go a step further and upload an alternate browsing history, so no one will know you’ve purged your real one.

Chat and messenger apps tend to hold onto a lot of sensitive information. Every time you chat or have a messenger session, the contents of those transactions are saved. Being able to find where there are stored can be difficult at best. Use software like PC Privacy Shield to quickly locate and delete chat records. Doing so ensures the privacy of those conversations!

How many different websites do you log into each day? If you’re like most of us, you have login credentials for work, banking, social networks, message boards, credit card payments, etc., etc. To manually delete these credentials so they can’t be hacked out of your computer is time consuming and requires specialized knowledge. Using software like PC Privacy Shield allows you to quickly delete the history of those login credentials, taking a huge step toward securing your personal information stored on the web!

PC Privacy Shield Features

Delete browsing history – PC Privacy Shield makes it quick and easy to delete your browsing history. This helps keep your online activities out of the hands of others.

Replace your browsing history – Take your browsing privacy to the next level and actually replace your browsing history with a different one.

Delete chat records – Keep the contents of private chats/messages private! Use PC Privacy Shield to quickly and easily the contents of those chat sessions.

Delete your saved login credentials – Be sure only you know your login credentials. PC Privacy Shield can delete your browser’s stored credentials so hackers can’t get them!